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Your horse or pony £5 until sold!

Horse Boxes

Horse Boxes £5 until sold!


Saddles, tack, clothing £5 until sold!

15th Champion showing stallion for sale. Sad sale due to personal reasons. He has won just about all he can in hand and has been champion and reserve under saddle. Easy to do and ride, does it all for you. Snaffle mouthed and bombproof in traffic. Covers in hand and has produced some stunning foals, mainly palomino. Very well bred and fully licensed as a part bred Arab stallion. Not for loan, serious enquiries only please, NOW SOLD. She has the most fabulous of colours - darkest of grey with a white stripe on her face. Good to clip, load, in traffic and at shows.

Absolute top class,151cm, 9year old bay mare. Qualified HOYS 04,05,06 and 07 being placed 6th in 2006. And qualified RIHS 2006 being placed 4th in PBA! This outstanding mare is one of the lovliest we have owned, loves people and attention and is always willing to please. 5* showing home wanted for the stunning mare were her career will carry on in srt. Would also be successful as a Show pony L/R. Excellent to travel, clip, and trim and easy to catch. Also done dressage and has jumping ability. Outstanding temperament, being safe and sane in all respects.

Stunning Liver chestnut 6 year old mare. Lightly shown affiliated this season, consistently placed top three. Confirmation 100% absolutley top class prospect. Kind natured, safe & easy to do, very level headed, doesn't need hours of work before going in the ring! 5* loving home a top priority. Her trot is fabulous & really is elegant and has excellent conformation. Will hack out alone or with others, is excellent in traffic and is very keen to please and loves lots of praise.

Stunning traditionally marked skewbald gelding.12.2hh 9yr old gelding. Will make a wonderful sp and pc. Placed in the high ribbons at local level at SJ, competing in main ring with adults. Kind loving home wanted for this amazing competion pony. An opportunity to purchase a beautiful future top Leading Rein or First Ridden, 4 year old mare. Impeccable manners - foot perfect in preliminary and individual show. Fantastic mover and also goes very well off the lead- ridden by 6 year old child. She is good to do all round, clip, shoe, load etc. She is the perfect hunter if you want to return to the yard with your arms still attached to your shoulders. £6500. NOT looking for a quieter life. Been successfully shown in riding horse classes at county level with wins and championships to her name. Qualified and competed succcessfully at PUK 06.

MIDDLEWEIGHT SHOW/WORKING/LADIES SHOW HUNTER Reg''d ID Sport Horse with impressive pedigree. Top class in all divisions has always qualified RIHS/HOYS and has an impressive show record (full details can be supplied) - only lightly shown past two years due to owners work commitments. Also had BSJA winnings and has hunted. Lovely big moving impressive horse who is a real head turner outstanding floating paces - also excels in the dressage arena and could go far. Well mannered in and out of the stable, good to shoe, box and clip etc, never been sick or sorry in 3 years of ownership.

Horseback Riding: A Beginner’s Guide

Horseback riding has been a popular activity throughout history. From their use in war to more peaceful ventures like travel or pure leisure, horses have provided mankind with a great activity. Nowadays, horseback riding is mostly carried out in stables, parks and other places like resorts that are particularly suitable for the sport. This is not surprising, when one considers the congestion of major cities and the difficulty one would have trying to navigate a horse among cars on a city street.

Enjoy horseback riding

In learning to ride a horse, the most important thing that you must keep in mind is that no matter how many books, videos or websites that one goes through, it is impossible to learn horseback riding solely by reading about it in an abstract manner. These resources are great, but you should also be putting plans in place and go somewhere to have an instructor actually show you the ropes.

When you feel stressed out, one of the best ways to relieve yourself is to go on a vacation and enjoy horseback riding, along with a beautiful escort Paris. The lady whom you decide to take along on your vacation will certainly be a great-looking one, since that is common among all of them. However, you have the opportunity to decide on the particular one that you want. You can check their interests and pick one that likes horseback riding like yourself, or you could decide on one who doesn’t have much experience, so you can both have fun while you teach your escort Paris.

Either way, you would certainly have a much more interesting vacation than ever before, partly because of the intelligence and wittiness of the escorts. They usually have knowledge on a variety of issues that will likely be of interest to you as well, making it certain that you will have interesting and stimulating discussions all through your vacation.

When you actually begin to learn to ride, putting on the proper gear is one of the first things you will be taught. This is considered important because it assures the safety of the horse and yourself, as well as helping you have an enjoyable experience along with your escort Paris you found. You could wear jeans like the cowboys and put one a hat like them too, if you want to relieve the experience of the Wild West, or you could wear any other clothing you like. You certainly need to wear boots though, to protect your legs properly. For the horse, you will need to put on the saddle, bridle and tie a western cinch to hold everything in place while you ride.

Due to the height of horses, you will need to learn how to mount up properly. Ideally, you should have a mounting block but in the absence of one, a leg-up would work as well. Then, the actual riding lessons, where you will practice the walk, canter and the gallop when you are deemed ready by your instructor for each stage.

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